Running With Scissors

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Random Musings On Katrina

I'm trying decide who has abused the evacuees move - FOX-TV for inflicting Geraldo Rivera(and his sickening Scarlett O'Hara act)on the poor people stranded at the convention center, or CNN for sponsoring Dr. Phil and his 5-minute cureall at the Superdome.

Aren't journalists supposed to REPORT the news, not become part of the story?

And speaking of Geraldo, why did the NYT need to lie about his "nudging " a National Guardsman out of the way during an evacuating. I..can't..stand..the..guy. But I've seem the videotape(repeatedly) and he really didn't do it.

WTF is wrong with Barbara Bush? How could ANYONE make those statements, much less a woman who spend most of her married life in Washington D.C as a politician's wife? I can only hope that Altzheimers has set in or she has had some series of small strokes which has impaired her judgment.

Not that there isn't plenty of blame to go all around, but how is it that the Governor of Louisiana's REFUSING to let the Red Cross and the Salvation Army bring food, water and portajohns to the Superdome isn't all over the news.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Pounding the Pavement

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a woman in posession of a good fortune must be in search of a congenial walking partner. This summer I finally hooked up with my best ever walking partner, my friend Poppy. Poppy is amusing, intelligent and maintains a similar walking pace. Now that she has taken off for the wilds of New Hampshire, I have been looking at my fallback walkers with growing discontent.

A good walking companion must live within a reasonable distance from you, must be reliable, and amusing. Being a good talker is more impostant than being a good listener, but both are desirable. If she is to be a regular companion, the conversation must be more that what the kids did yesterday, or why her husband is annoying.

Roni would be a good partner. She's supersmart, interested in current events and hilariously funny. However, since she gave birth last week, she probably will be out of comission for a week or two. Sadly, within two weeks, she will have regained her stamina and would leave me in her dust.

Laura is amusing, witty and in all ways an ideal companion - at lunch. As a walker, she doesn't have much stamina. Sad, but true.

Patty is funny, smart and has the added advantage of being childfree. People without children seem to have so many other topics of discussion. Unfortunatly, she is a very early am walker. Most days she has already returned from her walk while I am retreiving my morning paper.

Vodka is a great walker, a fascinating companion, and completly unreliable. Great for occasional walks, but not a regular companion. its also very difficult to get a word in edgewise.

I'd decided that my August walking companion will be Tara. She's a stunning redhead who is always willing to walk, an extremely good listener, and very eager to please. Sure, I have to take some plastic baggies with me. but its a small price to pay for good companionship

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Disney on Parade in Winnetka

For years I had admired a beautiful, but neglected house a few blocks away. My husband and I called it "stately Wayne Manor", since it closely resembled Batman's mansion from the 1960's t.v. show. A beautiful 1920's brick tudor, set on two acres accross from Lake Michigan, it had fallen on hard times. Scraggly evergreens towered above it, ivy covered not just the bricks, but encased some windows. Far too much vegetation grew in the foreground. I could never tell if some elderly person lived there or if it was empty. It was a house to dream about.

Last year a "For Sale" sign went up. It was a listed at a bargain price. Unfortunately, it was about four times what I could afford. Still when it sold and the new owner started to clear the brush forest away, I was happy for the house. When they put in new, but architectually correct windows, I was glad the new owners knew how to do things right. Down came the evergreens, over came the tuckpointers, painter sandblasted and then painted the 7 foot high iron fence and twin gates. When the new owners installed a reflecting pool in the forecourt, I applauded their style. The house had been restored.

The first sign that all was not well was when the gilt trim appeared on the iron fence. It coated the tips of the fence and the upper third of the ironwork, like drippy frosting on a bundt cake. Next came the five color enameling on the gates' decorative elements. "Bleah", I thought, but to each his own. When the very very shiny a boldly contemporary leaping dolphin appeared one afternoon, leaping out of the reflecting pool, like Flipper trying to escape the 1990's movie remake. Next came a pair of very very very oversize orange terra cotta lions by the front steps. Then it stopped for several months and we thought it was over.

Then this spring, it began again. 12 minature victorian lamppost appeared around the pool and forecourt. Very similar to the ones in Disneyworld in Main Street. But only about 5 feet high. These were soon joined by 5 pairs of victorian curved park benches. Again another pause. A month went by. Last week a pair of black swans appeared in the pool.

I no longer feel that I should judge my neighbor's taste in landscaping, instead I must applaude their endless imagination. Sure, anyone can hire a lanscape designer to install something tasteful and bland, and anyone can come up with their own goofy garden ideas (ie, my yard, your yard), by these people seem to have endless imagination. We should applaude them for their confidence, originality and ability to to generate countless conversations among theri neighbors.